Hello, there 🤲🏼

I'm Elena Roff. I am movement practitioner, breath and body work facilitator, dance teacher and technologist with various entreprenerial and creative pursuits. Currently based in Berlin.

Born in Russia and raised world-wide, I was exposed to a myriad of cultures and expressions. From early age, I became passionate about dance. It brought me joy and meaning. I ended up attending multiple dance and physical trainings, mainly in dance sport, contemporary and classical dance and martial arts.

Eager to share my passion to dance and movement with others, I started teaching. In 2018 I have founded, offering dance classes and space to connect. Since then I keep giving private and public workshops to anyone willing to dance and perform to electronic dance music. The project has been the 1st-place ranked in Google Search for shuffle dance classes in Berlin and has brought over a hundred dancers together.

From 2021 I have started to deepen my personal practices, building stronger mind/body connection, and eventually in 2023 have finished my breathwork facilitation training. I now hold space for breath and bodywork sessions at Har Studio in Berlin.

Alongside my artistic endevours I have been closely working with clients in research and technology as a data scientist consultant at digital science. For the past five years building and developing data-driven projects.

I enjoy creating useful and entertaining content on the topics of wellbeing and movement, sharing my personal practices, experiences and knowledge online. You can check my latest projects, engagements and offerings on my instagram page.